Madhulika Dangwal who manages Shristi Pottery reflects “When we were young we used to spend hours playing with mud, I regret the fact that children nowadays are being deprived of that.” Concern over the lack of knowledge amongst people about this beautiful form of art has been behind the creation of the workshops and courses conducted at Shristi Pottery. Raw materials for these courses and workshops are provided by us so that your learning process is a hassle free and enjoyable one. We do the bisque firing, glazing, and glazed firing for all the products and you get to take home a beautiful work of art created by you.

Every student is given personalized attention by our teachers who have been working in this field for over 15 years. The students get hands on practical knowledge of the whole process of creating earthenware and stoneware ceramics on wheel and also by hand.

We believe that everyone has a different learning pattern hence the courses can always be customized for each student so that they can learn at their own pace.


Shristi Pottery organizes regular workshops all the year round for children in Earthenware ceramics, Stoneware ceramics, Slab Pottery, Paper Clay, Coil work, Mask making, Pinching , Mural Making and Tile Making . Children are given special attention by our experienced teachers who help children express their creativity. Our teachers always stress on the fact that children should not be encouraged to duplicate from something, here at Shristi children are allowed to express their creativity.

Pottery is especially helpful for children as it helps them to positively channelise their energy, and assists hyperactive children to be calmer and more disciplined.

Stoneware Ceramics Workshops/ Courses

Stoneware ceramics is a type of ceramic product that is hard and impermeable and is fired at a very high temperature of about 1300 degree Celsius. Because of its inherent quality these products can be used for daily needs like cooking and serving, and can also be used for decorative purposes.All products are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Earthenware Ceramics Workshops/ Courses

Earthenware ceramics is another form of ceramics where the product produced by this type of clay is fired at 900°C to 1050°C which is less than stoneware firing. Due to the properties of the clay used to make earthenware it is usually not impervious to liquids and is best suited for decorative purposes.

Slab Work Workshops/ Courses

Slab Pottery is a process of making pottery without using the potter’s wheel. Here slabs are rolled out from clay and interesting pieces of art can be created since the scope of creating with hands is much wider than when the wheel is used.

Ceramic Murals Making

Ceramic Murals – Usually a mural represents an art work that is created on a wall or ceiling or any other surface that is permanent. Shristi pottery creates ceramic murals that can adorn the interiors of any structure.

Paper Clay Workshops/ Courses

Paper clay is a relatively new concept in India where paper is added to clay to make ceramic products. The firing temperatures of paper clay can be low or high depending upon the clay used, and on drying they are usually harder than when only clay has been used. However they are porous and hence can only be used for decorative purposes. The addition of paper to clay makes it strong and consequently more delicate pieces can be attempted.

Customised Training

1.Corporate Training

Corporate Training is arranged regularly for companies and is customized keeping in mind their special needs and necessities. Workshops are regularly conducted for employees of companies from varied industries, and since it is a known fact that pottery is therapeutic in relieving stress, these Workshops are especially beneficial for them. Another industry susceptible to stress both mental and physical is the IT industry, as it involves working on the computer extensively and it brings with it common nerve related ailments in employees.

Since pottery involves the systematic movement of fingers they get well exercised and toned which helps employees avoid those problems. Training can be arranged at the office premises or even in our facility which is situated amidst naturally beautiful surroundings near Lake Manas, Pune. The workshop duration can range from anything between 2 to 8 days depending on the requirement of the company.

2.School Training Programmes

School Training Programmes are regularly conducted and interested schools are invited to approach us so that a fully customized course can be designed for the school children to induct pottery as a course in the curriculum.

Healing therapy

Clay has healing properties that have been proven to be therapeutic for mentally challenged children. At Shristi Pottery we arrange workshops and courses at NGOs dealing with mentally challenged children. Pottery helps these children to think, to create, and to apply; this helps them improve their mind and action coordination, which in turn helps to develop their motor skills

We’re Delivering Top Quality Services Last 12 Years to Our Sweet Customers

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