Our Services

Mural Making

Beautifying the interiors, and especially the walls of a house has been a fascination for man since man first started living in caves. We try to satisfy that creative urge by creating customized ceramic murals for the hospitality industry, farmhouses and even residences.

The designs can be anything from common objects to abstract designs which are absolutely customizable and the sizes may vary from as small as 2 ft. to as tall as 7 ft. or even more and in area it may be anything between 300 to 400 sq ft. (Customized products may have any size the client wishes). While customization we always encourage participation of our clients in the creative process and creative inputs are always welcome and appreciated.

Ceramic Tiles

Beautiful ceramic tiles used for the adornment of home, office or restaurant walls are created at Shristi. They are manufactured at customizable designs and the sizes may range between 1 inch to 8 inches.

Services Offered to Affiliated Industries

Shristi Pottery invites Interior Decorators, Landscape architects for a professional collaboration. We offer our services in mural making, indoor and outdoor planters and other architectural decorative items that can be completely customized to the end client’s specifications. Calling all artists and dedicated potters to practice at our premises for upto 5hrs in a single day.

We provide the raw material so the artists can mix the clay themselves, we also provide furnace facility on a hiring basis, where the firing charges are to be borne by the artist. Artists are also given the opportunity to promote their wares and display and exhibit their creations at our venue.

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Architects, Landscape Architects, Interior Decorators

Murals, Planter, Terrazoes, fountains with Rishikesh mica white stones, ceramic designer washbasins, etc.

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Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts such as pen stands, paper weights, ashtrays, lamps, mugs, candle stands, diyas, and much much more are created at Shristi. All these items can be customized by inscribing them with individual names or anything else the client wishes.

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Culinary Accompaniments

  • Fondues
  • Indian kadhais
  • Tawas
  • Cook & Serve Dishes
  • Dinner Sets – Plates full Quarter, Soup Bowl, Big -small Water Jugs
  • Cups and saucers, coffee mugs, milk mugs, tea sets
  • Fish platter- both decorative and practical purpose
  • Rice platter – both decorative and practical purpose

We have stoneware ceramic products fired at 1300 degree Celsius that can be cooked directly on flame and are microwave safe and dishwasher safe as well. It is absolutely non toxic and cooks food at a uniform temperature thus utilizing less heat and maintains all the essential qualities of food. It takes less cooking time as well and retains heat for longer durations.

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Miscellaneous & Decorative Items

  • Aroma dispensers
  • Diya – Temple diyas with idols
  • Fountains
  • Candleholders
  • Lamps, All types of Pots, Planters, Tulsi Pot
  • Elevations for food and beverage dept. in hospitality industry
  • Foot imprints of infants
  • Customised products

Elevations are a popular product in the hospitality industry which is regularly used in the Food and Beverage industry. For the very first time, Shristi Pottery brings Elevations that is an indispensable item in the hospitality industry.

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We also provide Zinc Planters, Stainless Planters Etc.

We’re Delivering Top Quality Services Last 12 Years to Our Sweet Customers

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