About Us

In a bid to live upto the pace of modern day unknowingly our life has become a detached entity from its own nurturer, Mother Earth. We have forgotten the touch of rain, the caress of pure air, the cool smoothness of the soil. In an attempt to re-establish the broken relationship, Shristi Pottery has taken the initiative to introduce us to the magical effects of clay.

While giving life to a lump of clay and moulding it with our bare hands a new language emerges - that of our fingers. It becomes a beautiful expression of the mind and helps to soothe our frayed nerves which are disturbed in our quest to lead a fast life.

Quality control is a major aspect of our manufacturing process and is maintained till the product is finally delivered to the client. We believe in producing high quality products and customized solutions at affordable prices; moreover our professional approach and eagerness to coordinate with you means you can order the most abstract designs and we get it done. Our belief is that business is built on trust and value; hence quality products for our clientele are our priority always.

We’re Delivering Top Quality Services Last 12 Years to Our Sweet Customers

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